Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Particle Flow Island

I made this as an example of how to distribute Vray Proxy trees using Particle Flow and some cool scripts. This PDF illustrates the main steps;
-Painting over a top-down render to create distribution maps for trees and bushes.
-Using Tuomas Jomppanen's script to replace each particle with a dummy object.
-Randomly dividing the dummy objects into named selection sets.
-Clone & Aligning various species of Vray Proxy Flora to each selection set.
-Randomly scaling / rotating them using Marc Florestant's script.
I demonstrated this a year ago at the London 3ds Max User Group so since then I've thought of various ways to streamline the proccess. I've also started to use GroundWiz which is great fun. Someone always says "great boats!"... We bought them.


Pixel said...

Excellent work, I'll definitely use your technique when faced to such great scale projects :)

Adam Chazen said...

Hi Simon,

I'm currently working with VFX team for Game of Thrones in Belfast, NI and we are looking for previs artists. I stumbled upon your blog and think you may know some people that can be of help to us, can you contact me at adamchazen@gmail.com