Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Bird's Nest

Check out David Fano's great site, Design ReForm. There's a question on the Max forum about the Bird's Nest in Beijing; I'm not certain if mine is doing exactly the same thing(!) but it's a start.

1. (Blue) NURBS massing of skin.
2. SurfDeform (WSM) Modifier applied to (Green) Plane Object.
3. Go down the stack to adjust Plane Object to fit massing.
4. Plane Object used as template for (Blue) Spline pattern (this one tiles horizontally). Apply Normalize Spline Modifier to allow it bend. Apply Sweep Modifier.
5. Instance of the SurfDeform (WSM) Modifier applied to Spline pattern.
6. You can duplicate the Spline pattern and play around. Perhaps slide pattern around NURBS massing (U Percent), experiment with layering effects etc.


lemom said...

can you post a video tutorial about seems confusing for me !

isa said...

pls do a video tutorial

isa said...

i keep trying and trying and it doesn't work:((((

juhi said...

hey, ive just recently seen ur post.. That was a brilliant solution thanks!!!! I had a quick question though, Is it possible to attach a 2d cad drafted pattern on the plane which flows on the surface??? So that the net result will be that the pattern is morphing around the shape??? Like a parent child or a linking ar attaching modifier? It would be a great help if you could let me know about that thanks!!! my email is

Pixel said...

Intresting, I'll try this asap too :)

massimo said...

Iam tring to do your tutorial but i have few question.

in point 2 how do you know the dimension of the green plan ? (so it can fit with the blue)

thanks for sharing

Frédéric said...

Hi there, i test your bird's nest thing with different methods: nurbs with surfdeform, patches with patchdeform... but none is working very well :-(
I tried with meshe modeling:
2 structures , one for the nest , one for the skin(splines with shell).
i used bend deformer on the skin and compound object> conform.
It"s working quite well but it's as flexible as nubs.
So could u please explain us a bit more the way u proceed.