Thursday, 25 November 2010

Griffintown, Montreal

Civicarts have published quite a few projects on our website recently, so I'd like to post some here. These renderings are for a proposal in Griffintown, Montreal. The visualisation team worked up many hundreds of images for this project. Here are just a few I worked on. This is an early massing, with colours denoting use;

This version, a few weeks older, has windows (opacity mapped) and penthouse roofs, trees etc. This is fairly close to how the images were at the end of the project, changes after this were mainly architectural;

The following night shots were worked up at different stages of the project. There was a minimum of Photoshop work, so different views could be rendered;

Like this one, same scene, different view;

Another, later one. Spot the massing changes? There's a Circus in there now...

Visit the project page on the Civicarts website to see more images the team worked on.

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