Tuesday, 24 January 2012

2nd 3D World Article

I've written another tutorial for 3D World magazine, I hope its useful.


Rob Lang said...

This is a long shot - did you used to go to Mill Hill School? If you did, do you remember building a suspension bridge in GCSE DT? I still have it. My son drives hot wheels cars across it.

Would have sent an email but can't find one and linkedIn want me to pay them money for the priviledge!

Sorry if you're a different Simon Moir but you do look like the one I knew in 1994.

Email me at brainwiped@gmail.com

JULIAN said...

Hi there, hey Simon i really like your work and i would like to see a picture that you explains how to build a small city with the same =technic that you used to build the landscape projects, thank you very much if you upload this project please send the link to julianm08@gmail.com