Monday, 26 January 2009

Island Gardens Miami

This slideshow shows how I worked up an image for our Island Gardens marina project in Miami. You can see an alternate version here.


massimo said...

realy perfect render.
I love it.

Some question
1 did you model the building with 3ds?
2 how did you put light in the tower?in 3ds or photoshop?

thanks for share this realy nice images

Simon Moir said...

Thanks Massimo! I normally use 3ds Max for all 3D, but I sometimes use AutoCAD if I've got time and feel like a change. Some of the guys in our studio use AutoCAD for almost everything though. The lights are Vray Light Material on geometry. I try to do most work in 3D, leaving Photoshop for tweaks only. This is sometimes inefficient, but most often when I'm asked for a different view or animation I'm glad.

METAFUS said...

Thank you for showing the Slideshow of your process. the First image looks like a sketchup model.

When will the project be constructed?

Simon Moir said...

Sketchup, Aaaagh! Sketchup is a great tool (allegedly), but not for rendering in Max, in my experience anyway. This was the latest received AutoCAD model from the associate architect on this project, Spillis Candela ( It may be the concept model I worked on originally, or one built by Spillis... Or by for Spillis... Or our model modified by Spine3D... I've lost track to be honest. But it wasn't done in Sketchup, I can tell. Construction? Who knows at the moment, but scheduled for later this year.